Flouride Treatments

Fluoride is controversial element in that it is a beneficial micro nutrient enhancing the development of bones and teeth at certain levels, but can cause problems if too much is ingested. This is why many communities elect not to add fluoride to the water supply and tooth paste products for very young children do not contain fluoride. It is not that fluoride is "bad" per say, but that it's intake is better if controlled more precisely. So, if you live in a community without fluoridated water, the pediatrician or dentist will prescribe supplements with the correct amount of the nutrient for your child's age.

Topically, fluoride is also beneficial because your teeth absorb the element and it becomes incorporated in tooth structure. Teeth are constantly under attack from acids formed in your mouth from bacteria and other conditions. These acids literally dissolve the tooth structure causing sensitivity and eventual decay. Fluoride makes the tooth surfaces more resistant to the acids thus preventing cavities and sensitivities for patients of all ages.

There are many ways to incorporate topical fluoride in your home care. Most regular tooth pastes contain it at a useful level and there are over the counter mouth rinses containing it. In addition, the dentist may recommend prescription products with a higher level of fluoride for patients with special needs.

Finally, for some patients it is best to have fluoride treatments at the dental office. Certain products are available to apply to specific sensitive areas for immediate relief and other topical fluoride products applied in mouth trays are used when compliance with home treatments is an issue.

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