Dental sealants are an excellent way to prevent cavities on the chewing surfaces of young teeth. The pits and grooves of newly erupted teeth can be deep and impossible to clean properly. In addition, kids don't often brush very well and can make bad diet choices leading to cavities occurring very quickly in these prone places. Sealants are a physical barrier the dentist coats susceptible areas with that protect the teeth during the cavity prone ages. They are actually a thin flowable form of composite, the primary modern dental filling material, and release flouride over time which enhances their cavity prevention.

Over time, sealants do wear down or can even break off. But usually, they last through the cavity prone ages for children without needing replacement. As a child's brushing skills improve and normal wearing in of the chewing surfaces occurs through tooth to tooth grinding the benefit of sealants dissipates. Generally, this occurs hand in hand with the wear of the sealants so they have done their job.

In addition to preventing cavities which would need potentially invasive dental fillings, sealants are enormously cost effective. They cost less than fillings and, for those fortunate enough to have dental insurance, are considered preventive treatments which are almost universally covered at a higher rate.

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