Custom Mouth Guards

Fabrication of custom mouth guards is an extremely valuable preventive service the dentist can provide patients. Common reasons for mouth guards are for either habitual grinding or clenching and to provide protection during sports.

Excessive grinding and clenching of teeth is a surprisingly common habit, usually during the night, which can be extremely damaging. Premature wearing or breakage of teeth and dental restorations can quickly occur. In addition, gum line fractures of the enamel often occur due to these habits which can cause sensitivities as root surfaces are exposed. Also, the temporal mandibular joints (jaw joints commonly referred to as TMJ's) are affected and can be damaged due to grinding or clenching. The dentist can provide relief by fabricating the appropriate mouth guard for your particular habit until you and the dentist can identify and, hopefully, eliminate the cause of the habit.

A properly fitted sports mouth guard is an important piece of athletic equipment that can protect your smile. They are recommended for many recreational activities and organized sports. These mouth guards help prevent broken teeth as well as injuries to the lips, tongue and TMJ's.

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