Dental Cleanings

Even people with excellent oral hygiene habits benefit from periodic dental cleanings. Invariably over time stain and tarter (that palpable hard crusty build up) can occur on teeth which cannot be removed at home. In addition, some areas of the mouth are difficult to access and can accumulate plaque (soft bacterial build up) that only the dental professional can remove. While staining may be more a cosmetic issue, plaque and tarter build up leads to gum disease which can progress to more difficult teeth to maintain and eventually tooth loss.

Studies have long shown that in just a matter of days bacteria that builds at or under the gum line can cause a break down of this delicate "skin" through your bodies inflammatory response to the plaque . The gums will bleed and the bacteria and their by products can infiltrate the underlining bone and enter the blood stream. In just a matter of weeks, this response to plaque build up can begin to cause break down of the very bone and ligaments that protect and hold teeth in place. So, at least annually and as often as 3 or 4 times a year it is important to have your teeth cleaned at the dental office to avoid serious gum problems.

In addition, while having you teeth cleaned is important, it may be even of more value that your home care skills are evaluated by the dentist during these periodic visits. The dental professional can help customize your best home care regimen through the many products and techniques available. This periodic coaching and education should go on at just about every dental visit, but especially at check up appointments during which the teeth are cleaned.

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