Check ups

Periodic dental examinations are not only important in maintaining happy and heathy smiles, but may help fend off potentially severe general health conditions. For instance, there is mounting recent evidence linking stroke and heart disease with unhealthy gums. In addition, the dentist is best suited for detecting early signs of oral cancer. Therefor, it is important for your overall health to have the condition of your gums assessed periodically as well as a thorough examination of all the surrounding soft tissues of your mouth.

Dental check up appointments are also invaluable in identifying dental problems which left undetected could become serious and more costly to treat. Small cavities untreated for instance can lead to unexpected pain, broken teeth and infection. Through the use of appropriate x-rays, cavity detecting lights and dyes, as well as careful visual examinations cavities can be detected early and treated conservatively.

Other areas of dental health examined at preventive visits are the function of the joints and muscles involved with chewing and the balance of your bite. Many things can cause changes in these aspects of you health and be treated more effectively if corrected or treated early.

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